Colour-treated hair care - hair oils review

If you often dye your hair, you must be aware of the fact that care of such type of hair is extremely important. The first couple of days after the colouring treatment are luxurious: hair is shiny, has deep colour and enchants with resilience. Unfortunately, ammonia included in the composition of most hair dyes, soon collects its toll. In consequence, hair becomes dry, fragile, difficult to style, lacks of lustre and start falling out. Hot blow-dryer, straightener and styling agents also contribute to damaging strands. Their deterioration occurs at an accelerated pace.

In order to enjoy beautiful hair colour and provide it with regeneration and protection, you must include cosmetic oils in your daily hair care routines.. Those are products which main ingredients are natural oils, cold pressed from nuts, seeds, sprouts, flowers, stems and roots. They are the irreplaceable sources of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Oils provide deep protection, regeneration, improve processes taking place within the cells, have anti-ageing properties, strengthen wisps and ensure phenomenal look.

Drugstores offer products based on natural oils, developed especially for colour-treated hair. This ranking presents the most popular preparations for dyed hair. If you have not tried cosmetic oils yourself – make sure to read the following review.

Nanoil Hair Oil

1. Design, size, efficiency A very nice, black, smooth and cylindrical dark glass bottle, facilitated with a precise pump that does not get …

Colour-treated hair oiling

Colour-treated hair – why does it need oiling?
Hair deteriorate.
This is a continuous process and is often unavoidable.

Its condition weakens even without the participation of hair dyes

Additionally, if you colour or brighten your strands and often use straightener during the daily styling, you condemn your wisps to failure. Due to ammonia contained in hair dyes, even if the strands look great right after dyeing, delight with brilliance and deep colour, it is unfortunately a matter of time, when they start to look dull, unsightly and become extremely dry with split ends.

What exactly is hair oiling?

The best remedy for such problem are hair oils and regularly performed hair oiling treatments. The treatment is based on applying proper hair oil to your wisps and scalp and leaving it in for a specified amount of time. The longer you allow the product to work on your strands, the better. It has more time to regenerate it and work on the bulbs.

Natural oil (or a blend of properly combined oils) can be applied to both wet and dry strands. For the entire treatment you only need about 5 ml of the product. Of course, the amount may vary accordingly to the length and thickness of your wisps. What is more, make sure to wash it off with the use of a mild shampoo that is free of comedogenic ingredients and drying alcohols.

What are the benefits of hair oiling for colour-treated hair?

First of all, the treatment prevents wisps from drying, frizz and the shade from fading. Thanks to hair oiling, deep and intense colour is maintained for several weeks. With the use of natural oils, your strands are protected against harmful effects of ammonia, high temperatures produced by blow-dryer, hair straightener or curling iron used for styling.

What is more, thanks to regular hair oiling, you can say goodbye to dry, dull strands and split ends. On the contrary. Your wisps will be silky soft, vital and resilient.

Hair oiling methods – which one to choose for colour-treated hair?

You can encounter a few methods of hair oiling – from gentle ones that depend on applying oils only to the ends, through adding oils to balms or hair masks, ending with deep ones that regenerate not only hair but also scalp and bulbs. Due to the fact that wisps are strongly damaged and weakened by colour-treating, it is recommended to carry out full hair oiling treatment to restore their good condition. In this case, apply oil to the entire length of your hair and scalp. Such therapy will provide your strands with deep regeneration and protect from damages.