L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

1. Design, size, efficiency


Oil for colour treated hair from L’Oreal comes in a plastic bottle with the capacity of 100 ml, equipped with a large, plastic pump. The product is relatively efficient, it lasts for about 2 months of use. The packaging is made of plastic and is very convenient to use. Additionally, it will not break after falling on the floor. What is more, it is also lighter than glass bottles. Therefore, it can be taken on a trip.

Moreover, the cosmetic has a very nice scent which lasts on our hair for hours.

2. Composition

Oil from L’Oreal is a product based on the force derived from flower extracts. The main ingredient of the cosmetic is chamomile extract, which has soothing effects on hair. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin C responsible for fighting free radicals and improving hair regeneration. Additionally, extract from lotus flowers quickly and effectively regenerates damaged wisps, enhancing their shine, improving resilience and balancing moisture level. Furthermore, the main task of rose hip oil is to slow down hair ageing processes. Additionally, it will provide strands with a variety of minerals necessary for proper functioning. Moreover, the extract of flax present in the cosmetic from L’Oreal prevents hair loss and ensures the proper level of moisture. In addition, the product also prevents hair ends from drying and splitting.

L’Oreal Elvive oil contains a lot of flower extracts. Natural oil, appearing in the product is called monoi oil. It is a high quality natural oil, produced from a combination of coconut oil with Tahitian gardenia flowers. For centuries, it has been used by Polynesians who have exceptionally beautiful, thick and healthy hair. Monoi oil moisturises, strengthens, regenerates and protects hair from harmful sun radiation and high temperatures (for example hot blow-dryer). Thanks to coconut oil contained in the oil, our hair is protected, resilient and does not overdry.

The good news is that Elvive oil contains a UV filter that protects hair from damaging effects of the sun.

3. Application

L’Oreal Elvive oil should be applied on damp hair after showering or on dry strands before washing to smooth them and remove any impurities accumulated on their surface.

In order to provide our hair with daily portion of health and shine, we must apply oil on dry hair. Thanks to this procedure, it will gain gloss, resilience and beautiful appearance. Wisps will be smooth and protected on their entire length and throughout the whole day. Additionally, the colour will be intensified, which is a very important matter when it comes to dyed hair with the tendency to fading.

4. Effects

Floral extracts condition strands and lightly moisturise them. The process of application is very quick and easy, thanks to the practical pump. The cosmetic visibly adds lustre to hair, and protects it from harmful sun radiation due to the content of UV filter. Therefore, colour treated hair preserve its beautiful colour and shine.

5. Conclusion

L’Oreal Elvive oil is a product that is moderately efficient despite the large volume. It contains a lot of flower extracts, but only one natural oil (monoi). It comes in a handy, plastic bottle and is equipped with a large pump that works well until the very end. The cosmetic has a nice smell. It can be used in 3 different ways. Therefore you are able to match the type of care to your personal preference.