Nanoil Argan Oil

1. Design, size, efficiency

nanoil argan oilNanoil Argan oil is closed in a very classy, dark bottle made of pharmaceutical glass – thanks to this, the packaging fully protects argan oil against sunlight and helps it preserve its properties for definitely longer.

The bottle is fairly big when it comes to this type of a cosmetic (in most cases natural oils are sold in 30 ml bottles). Moreover, it looks really nice: an elegant dark bottle decorated with golden motives that comes with a glass pipette with a wooden cap.

Argan oil is one of the most popular beauty oils across the globe. It gives dyed hair strong support.

Frequently, it’s added to hair dyes to shield the strands against ammonia and other hair-damaging substances already during the coloring phase.

The most precious type of argan oil originates from Morocco regions – only there are argan kernels so widely cultivated. Argania Spinosa trees, which the oil is obtained from, are registered in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The surprising fact is that argan oil is subjected to continuous tests, thus its new beautifying and medicinal properties are being still discovered.

2. Composition

The most important in Argan Oil by Nanoil are the exceptional substances it’s made from. For example, the oil offers the perfect balance of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids). In fact, such an ideal proportion of EFAs appears only in argan oil. Since human organism isn’t able to produce them on its own, it’s so crucial to supply our body with Essential Fatty Acids not only by consuming the right food products but also by rubbing the substances into skin and hair too. After all, both hair and skin require EFAs to carry out complete regeneration processes and remain protected against damage.

Another really crucial substance that our hair and skin needs is vitamin E, also known as tokoferol, which such a high concentration can be found only in argan oil. It turns out that argan oil outclasses olive oil when comparing the vitamin E content in both oils. It goes without saying that vitamin E – the vitamin of youth – is an indispensable element of proper hair and body care. This vitamin is found crucial for color-treated hair because it protects the strands against damage, conditions them and intensifies the shine.

Squalene, lutein and an array of essential polyphenols displaying antioxidative action are other substances that Nanoil Argan Oil offers. All of them have an immense influence on hair growth, maintain the good state of strands and counteract colour fading of dyed hair.

3. Application

Nanoil Argan Oil can be applied in the form of mask to either dry hair before washing or to damp hair after washing. In both cases the oil has to be removed with a shampoo.

Day after day argan oil protects strands against the harmful action of solar radiation and hot air stream generated by a hair dryer. Just a really small portion of argan oil is enough to shield the strands and improve their condition together with their appearance in a moment.

Note: Nanoil Argan Oil is 100% pure argan oil. Apart from boosting hair appearance, it’s able to condition dermis (body, face and delicate eye skin) and it knows how to reinforce weakened fingernails. Owing to this, Argan Oil by Nanoil takes high places not only in hair care product rankings but also in body and face care product rankings. Simply, it’s just a perfect and multi-tasking beauty product.

4. Effects

Argan oil effectively closes hair cuticles by smoothing the strands out. The outcomes it produces might be compared to lamination that doesn’t weigh hair down; the oil doesn’t allow the colour to fade either. Therefore, Nanoil Argan Oil offer color-treated hair so powerful support. At the same time, the oil affects the inner hair structures to strengthen, regenerate and protect against damage.

Carotene (including β-Carotene) that argan oil contains also play an important role in color-treated hair care. In short, this substance boosts hair resistance to damages and prevents deterioration of strands.

5. Conclusion

Nanoil Argan Oil is the highest quality product that does three things: provides hair with a complete and strong support, regenerates colour-treated hair and conditions skin by sweeping away free radicals, reducing wrinkles, helping to smooth skin out and erasing cellulite together with stretch marks.

If you want to learn more about the outstanding properties of Nanoil Argan Oil, go on the official website of the product.


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