How to match eyebrow color with the hair?

Do you know that your whole physical appearance may be spoiled if the color of your brows doesn’t go with the color of your hair? This is the reason why some hairdressers tend to dye eyebrows while changing the color of their client’s hair. If you want to get a coherent look, check which brow color matches the particular hair color best.

Eyebrow color for blonde women

Here comes some good news for all the girls with blonde hair – you can choose any eyebrow color you like. Lucky you! Usually, fair hair goes with fair eyebrows pretty well. Even the eyebrows that are so light that are barely visible also work well together with blonde hair. Therefore, if you’re thinking about doing some makeover, try darkening your eyebrows. It’s highly possible that such a tick will completely change your appearance, give the eyes a new expression and improve some of your facial features. Warm brown eyebrows are said to suit blonde hair best.

Red hair and eyebrow color

Do you know that naturally red-haired women are rarely born with red eyebrows? Have you ever seen a newborn with red eyebrows? Indeed. There is only one solution – dyeing. If you decide to match the brows with red hair, try the following rule: the warmer the tone of your hair color is, the more coppery your eyebrows should be. The same applies to cool tones.

Best eyebrow color for brown-haired women

If your hair is brown, try dying your eyebrows a little bit darker. This rule also applies to blondes and brunettes; light blondes should make their eyebrows one tone darker. There is another thing to bear in mind: the colder your hair color is, the darker your eyebrows can be.

Eyebrows and black hair

Is your hair black? That’s good because choosing the right eyebrow color would be very easy for you: go either for a lighter or darker color than the dark hair of yours. Yes, you can experiment with eyebrow shades. Go ahead and play with the color pallets! Just remember to avoid bright and warm eyebrow colors since they may not be to flattering for you.