Tried & Trusted Ways to Get Lovely Hair Look

Just like us, our hairdos have good and bad days. Even if you devote a lot of time and put a lot of effort into caring for your strands, you may still experience a bad hair day. Thankfully, there are some ways to fix and tame unmanageable hair. Would you like to know them?

Hair types

You need to know what your hair is like to match the best products so define its type, porosity and condition. You don’t need a hairstylist’s assistance because you can easily do it yourself.

How to define your hair porosity?

Your hair has low, medium or high porosity. Low-porosity hair is smooth, soft and its cuticles are sealed. Usually it’s straight, difficult to style and doesn’t hold the color. It takes a long time to dry so it’s often damaged due to blow-drying.

Medium-porosity hair is either straight or curly. It isn’t as dry as the last type that you’re going to see below. It perfectly absorbs humidity, therefore, it’s often frizzy and brittle.

High-porosity hair is the driest and most damaged of the three, which is usually caused by color-treating and heat styling. It’s frizzy, brittle, split and easily damaged. Either wavy or curly.

Knowing the hair type is the most important while choosing the right products to avoid damage and worse condition of hair.

Wash your hair gently

The proper shampooing routine is an unquestioned key element of hair care. Rubbing the hair and scalp harshly doesn’t bring any benefits. Mix the shampoo with some water to distribute it evenly. Wet hair is easily damaged and broken so be gentle. Use the fingertips to wash the scalp, never the nails. This way you surely make the most of the shampooing stage.

Protect your hair…

… against the damaging UV in particular. The sunrays weaken the hair follicles which leads to dull hair color and hair loss. The ends are split and hair is prone to breakage, dryness, loss of softness and bounce. In the summer, make use of anti-heat mists, oils, masks and conditioners featuring UV filters to create a powerful anti-damage barrier.

Natural ingredients

Lack of preservatives and overburdening substances has a positive effect on hair. Choose nature: products rich in vegetable oils will leave your hair shiny and conditioned.

Regular trims

Get the ends trimmed for stronger hair. If you do, your hair will be split-proof, manageable, thick and smooth. Dreaming of long luminous strands? Trimming is a must too. If you don’t trim the ends, the hair breaks off so you lose the inches quickly.

Healthy diet

Make sure you eat a varied diet and get sufficient amounts of nutrients and vitamins for the proper body functioning. If fabulous hair is your dream, your diet must abound in vegetables, fruit, fish, vegetable oils, herbs and nuts. You simply can’t do without them!

Loose hairstyles

Surprisingly, some hairdos are able to protect your hair against damage. Don’t wear tight hairstyles which pull out strands and make your scalp hurt. Choose messy braids, ponytails, buns to secure the hair and keep it from brushing against the clothes and breaking.

Scalp scrub

It’s extremely important if you want to stimulate hair follicles. Care for the base of your hair: scalp. The scrub perfectly clears the scalp and hair of product buildup, silicones and dead cells. Increased blood flow enhances the absorption of nutrients from conditioning products. Your hair and scalp receive long-lasting freshness.

Forget the blow-dryer…

…or use it just from time to time. Heat means nothing good for your hair so avoid it. If you’re a fan of blow-drying, do it once hair is half-dry. Use the cool airflow to close the cuticles and smoothen the strands.